Restaurant Alex Long New Asian Cuisine

50 E. Wynnewood Rd.
Wynnewood, PA
Phone: (610) 896-8892

Newly opened in the revived Wynnewood Shopping Center with trendy decor and cuisine.

Dishes are an eclectic mix of Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, and Wynnewood cuisines. For instance, they have an Asian Matzoh Ball Soup which must be really popular since by the time we went on saturday evening, they were all out of it. Small place with an overly attentive staff (place is VERY new). Dishes we had were "interesting" and bland. The "New" in the name probably implies less spicy, less flavor, and less heat. This place will blend well with the already overabundant bland. If you really want the FULL experience (just for the sake of comparison), try Penang in Center City and you'll know what I mean. Now that is real stuff! We need food that wakes up our senses!! Alex Long, are you listening?? [DK, 11/23/98]

An eclectic mix of Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai and traditional Chinese. Not the cheapest around, but entrees range $10 - 14 with most around $12, and worth the premium. Very well made, well presented, and with good fresh ingredients, these dishes outshine their counterparts from your local Chinese delivery. [JK, 11/23/98]

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Created November 23, 1998
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