Arcadia's Arcadia Chios Tavern (aka The Greeks)

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239 Haverford Ave.Street
Narberth, PA
Phone: (610) 664-8655

A friendly watering hole in sleepy Narberth serving a variety of decent dishes.

My wife and I found the service great and the meal above the normal pub fare. Tyke makes the atmosphere a real plus . [MJM and RDM, 2/23/98]

As a "Narb" (resident of Narberth), I may be a little biased, but I think that "The Greeks" is one of the best bars around. I have made quite a few friends there. The food is good, the clientele is diverse, and the servers and bartenders, in particular, Annie and Kel, are very friendly. [JM, 12/1/99]

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Created June 12, 1996
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