Bertucci's Bertucci's Brick Oven Pizzeria

537 W. Lancaster Ave
Wayne, PA
Phone: (610) 293-1700

The waits are often pretty long, but the food is good - some of the appetizers could be a decent dinner. Want privacy? Go somewhere else. Boring date, and want to eavesdrop? Great place to do so. [POD, 9/15/97]

Part of a chain. Serves brick oven pizza and other italian dishes. Caters mainly to suburban families with kids.

It was my first visit to Bertucci's in Wayne, PA. We ordered pizza and salad, but when the waitress delivered our food, there was no salad. When questioned, she said the menu had been changed and they were no longer serving salad with pizza. I ask why there was no notification in the present menu or why she hadn't informed us of this change when we placed the order. She said she forgot. I asked to speak to the manager (a Mr. gennett) three times but he hid in the cook area. On leaving the restaurant, I sought him out and he was extremely rude and did nothing to rectify the situation. I am disappointed that a restaurant with a good national reputation would be so desperate as to hire a manager unskilled in dealing with the public. I will never take my family to dine there again. [SBR, 9/8/200]

Kids get a hands-on lesson in pizza making.

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Created July 11, 1995
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