Bertucci's Bertucci's Brick Oven Pizzeria

761 W. Lancaster Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA
Phone: (610) -

Part of a chain. Serves brick oven pizza and other italian dishes. Caters mainly to suburban families with kids.

I eat here three/four times a month with my friends or family. The past few times I have been there, the service was terrible and the food took forever. The host was extremely rude and unhelpful. I really enjoy the food they serve, but I will not continue to frequent this restaurant if the service does not get better. [LF, 8/25/1999]

Was in Bryn Mawr on Wed. before Thanksgiving and decided to surprise my girlfriend (who works in Bryn Mawr) and take her to lunch. I have never been to a Bertucci's in my life so I wanted to try it. Being the day before a holiday it was busy and we were told the wait was 20 minutes. Ok we can take a little longer for lunch today - we decide to stay. Finally got seated 35 minutes late - I used to bartend in a restaurant and I understand things get backed up. We got our drink, salad and bread right away and placed our orders immediately. After about 20 minutes we finally asked the waiter where our food was, "they lost your ticket" was the answer. It took me to ask him what the problem was, and he didn't have to go find out, he knew our meal was screwed up. He told us it would be 5 minutes (a personal pizza and rigatoni). 10 minutes later - NO WAITER- he is hiding somewhere. I finally went to the host to tell him to get our meals to go. He went to the kitchen and came back and said the food would be right out. I ask for the manager. The manager comes out and apologizes and said he would get our meals, I watch him go to the kitchen and look around. He returns and asks what we ordered. He then returns to the kitchen talks to the pizza chef who quickly starts to make our pizza. Finally the food arrives. The manager graciously picks up our tab and apologies. The waiter never put in our order. I drop my girlfriend back at work an hour and a half later. I get back to work really angry over the whole experience. Back at my office - finally go to eat my rigatoni- cold and very oily. Into the trash can. Great experience. [PD, 12/1/99]

Until recently, we have avoided Bertucci's in Bryn Mawr because of previous unpleasant experiences with their carry-out service. On almost all occasions, our pizza would not be ready when we were told to pick it up. On one occasion I waited at least an hour beyond the designated pick-up time. They did give me a free pizza and credit towards another, but this hardly compensated for my time and frustration. Last week, in a fit of hunger-driven desperation, we decided to give them another try. The pizza was ready when they said it would be, but the crust was blackened on at least a third of its edge and much of the bottom. It was truly burned to total blackness, not just browned. I mentioned it to the young fellow taking my money, but no response. We will not return. [MW, 1/24/01]

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Created October 6, 1998
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