Restaurant Bombay Grill

53 West Lancaster Ave.
Ardmore, PA
Phone: (610) 645-5502

A third entry in the Ardmore Indian Restaurant Explosion. Recently opened BYOB, across the street from Taste of India and a block-and-half away from Khajuraho. This place used to be Lenzi's (diPasquale's) Silver Slicer Deli.

Part of a chain of Indian Restaurants in the north east (Providence, Cambridge, Philadelphia (Taj Mahal), and Lancaster). Full of tasteless kitsch, big in-your-face plastic flowers. Food is standard Indian Restaurant fare.

I tried the Maharaja Thali that came with Meat Samosa (typical oily self), lamb curry (ok), chicken tikka-masala (good), tandoori chicken (very pink!), nan (not made with the usual dough, but passable as bread), dal, raita, rice, pappadam, gulab jamun, and tea/coffee (all for $13.95). The tastiest items were the dal (very good), and the side of vegetable pickles (cauliflower, turnips, and carrots) which were great! [DK, 12/20/99]

If Indian food means "curry" for you, it will satisfy your craving.

I went to the Bombay Grille, today, for their buffet lunch. I thought it was very good. The price is very reasonable : $6.95 during the week and $8.95 on the weekend. The sauces were good. Some things were very spicy, which I liked and there were some extra things on the buffet that Khajuraho did not have. It's not much on atmosphere, but that doesn't matter. I will definitely be back. [GK, 1/31/2000]

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Created December 20, 1999
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