Fuji Mountain Fuji Mountain Japanese Restaurant

801 Montgomery Ave.
Narberth, PA
Phone: (610) 668-9959

Token Japanese restaurant.

Not sure what "token" means. It serves great Japanese food, including really fresh sushi and sashimi, in an extremely friendly atmosphere. Very popular. [AF, 3/14/98]

My mother and I went to Fuji Mountain, the Japanese restaurant in Narberth, for lunch, today. We both had vegetable tempura, which came with miso soup, steamed rice, a small salad, 2 steamed dumplings and at least 10 different pieces of vegetables: carrots, mushroom, sweet potato, string beans, broccoli, etc. It was very good. Plenty of people were there, mostly eating sushi. Very good quality. [GK, 11/3/98]

My wife is Japanese. She thinks this is the best place we've found in 30 years or so. [Ted the Fiddler, 4/14/99]

If you don't go there, you have no idea what you are missing. You'll be sorry! [ND, 5/10/99]

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Created August 23, 1995
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