Gillane Gillane's Tavern

43 Cricket Ave.
Ardmore, PA
Phone: (610) 896-1622

A neighborhood Irish place, just a few doors down from McCloskey's Bar. Two large rooms, one serves as a restaurant, the other as a bar (the bar itself occupies most of the room!).

When you go, you are guaranteed a double-take from all the regulars. But nothing to worry, it is a friendly place.

There is live entertaiment at Gillane's every Friday and Saturday.[GG, 6/9/97]

Gillanes is indeed a friendly place, and that includes the service and the food. A good menu and a good bar. Try it, you'll like it. [ESD, 1/18/98]

I eat there every day for lunch. They kill you with friendly service. [ME, 2/17/97]

I look forward to St. Patrick's annual visit and to the return of the Malarkey Brothers on Patty's Day. [DC, 3/13/98]

Gilane's is a good place to eat; a varied menu, reasonable prices and good service. [MCS, 8/15/98]

This tavern is successful due in a large part to the three founders, Frank "Big Daddy" Gillane and his Brother Bill and Bill's wife Mary Ellen. Their warm friendly service and generous portions have withstood the test of "fast" food and "corporate" bistros. There will always be a place for the " Neighborhood" taverns as long as they are run as well as this one has been for all these years. Good Luck Mary Pat. [Your Cousins, Tank and Marty Gillane, 11/9/98]

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Created July 12, 1995
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