Gullifty Gullifty's Restaurant

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1149 Lancaster Ave.
Rosemont, PA
Phone: (610) 525-1851

A TGI Friday's kinda place with a "kitchen sink" menu.

Quality: Decent. Portions: Smallish. Service: Spotty[CZiel@AOL].

Improvements in the beer selection. They now have ONE real pump! [DK, 11/3/97]

was delighted to see the enlarged version when I was in the area recently, since I'd worked at Gullifty's when it was quite new, while I was at Bryn Mawr (Class of '78!). Present menu has quite a few interesting possibilities, and it was good (although they don't have the Meshugna anymore)! A pretty nice meal for that price. The wait was long, but leavened by the pager which allows you to browse in the bookstore. [DF(BMC '78), 3/16/98]

This place has had yet another make over. Same kitchen sink menu (the nachos arrived on an aluminum plate!), more 90's atmosphere (though, with a basement locale, nothing can brighten up this place), BETTER selection of beers, same lame wait staff. [DK, 3/12/1999]

Comparing Gullifty's to TGI Friday's does not do it justice! The food and atmosphere is much better than a Fridays, but it is a fun place. There is a sunny "window" room upstairs for those who don't like darker décor. The entire restaurant is tastefully done. I have lunch there whenever I am in the area. [SRW 8/19/99]

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Created July 25, 1995
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