Restaurant John Harvard's Brew House

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Lancaster Ave.
Wayne, PA
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Finally, a decent brew pub in the Philadelphia Area. Yes, the entire Philadelphia area which seems to be deprived of good brew pubs (Dock Street, take note!) and Mexican restaurants. Still no sign of the latter, but good beer is definitely flowing on the Main Line, accompanied with good food!

Whether the speil about John Harvard is true or not (only the natives of Cambridge, MA care), we heartily welcome this addition to our neighborhood. Plans are apparently under way to establish another location in Springfield, PA. [DK. 2/10/97]

Well, my excitement from above has started to wane (pun intended!) a bit. On my return visit (saturday evening), we were told that they were out of about half their beers (and it was just 7:00 p.m.). After a round of drinks out of the remaining selection, we were told that they were out of all but the Raspberry flavored stuff. Though, on our way out, we noticed other kinds of beer still being served. So we suspect some rationing practices. Strike One, John Harvard!. Two more and you're out. [DK, 2/16/97]

My first visit to Harvard's brew house was quite disappointing. Upon requesting various types of beer apparently brewed on the premises, our server informed us that they had run out of stout, wheat, and a few others. A brew house with out much brew! [MB, 2/17/97]

I'd been to the one at 33 Dunster St, in Cambridge many many times. The one thing that gravely disappointed me about both of the local JHBP's was the lack of the divine Semi Freddo they offer at the Harvard Sq. location. I've been to the Wayne location several times now, and it has never been offered, although I've asked each time, nor has it been served at the Springfield location. In fact, I recommended JHBP to several friends, soley based on that wonderful dessert... because of that highly reguarded recommendation, we also had a Mac Users group dinner at the Wayne location.. so we are speaking about 54 diners here.. and still no Semi Freddo!! I wonder what gives? I was told it didn't sell well, then several of the wait staff said it sold well, so they had no clue as to why it was removed from the menu. I think we need to demand its return! [MeDesole, 9/27/97]

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Created February 10, 1997
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