Restaurant La Jonquille

804 Lancaster Ave.
Devon, PA 19333
Phone: (610) 964-8600

After being advertized in the yellow pages for over a year, the much awaited twin restaurants (see Shiraz ) have finally opened. According to sources, the restaurants are the brainchild of a Main Line neurosurgeon who apparently loves food.

This is apparently two French places in one (not counting Shiraz): A Bar and Brasserie that serves lunch and dinner, and a Fine Dining restaurant.

On a sunday drive, I decided to stop by and check out the menu. Some confusion ensued about locating an entrance and when we finally located it, we entered a two-storey foyer with a stiff-upper-lip waiting behind a podium. Not a good sign. They were happy to give us a copy of the menu, while checking out my sunday attire in a very deliberate fashion. Took the menu and left thinking, SERIOUS ATTITUDE. And you thought Toscana was full of it.

Same doubts were confirmed when another friend approached the place for lunch. They were told about the dress code at the podium and promptly made their exit without a feeding.

So, a feed at this place will probably elude us, but for the loaded pinstripes, we can summarize their menu:

The Brasserie lunch menu is 3-course (soup/salad + grilled onglet/pan seared salmon/Provencal Tart + Creme Brulee/Poached pear and Cherry Bread pudding) fixed price ($23.95) (that is prix fixe for the francophones) with a bottle of Miller for $5, Heineken for $6, a glass of wine averaging about $9-10. Alternately, you could go a la carte with salada and appetizers in the $7-$14 range, sandwiches in the $10-$12 range (Grilled yellowfin tuna in a baguette), entrees in the $11 (provencal tart) to $17 (Bouillabaise) range. Seriously up the ante for the Brasserie Dinner menu.

The Fine Dinner Menu has three prix fixe choices (4, 5, or 6-courses) from $75, $85, to $105 per person, not including dessert, wine, or tea/coffee.

So it goes. It appears to be a place by and for neurosurgeons, and perhaps their lawyers. Designed to keep those interns out. Perhaps the city folk who could not get reservations at George Perrier's would venture here to lighten their wallets.

Should we say, welcome to the Main Line?[BC]

It takes a real loser to conjure up such an attitude from anyone at La Jonquille. Tux or tank-top, all are welcomed in the Brasserie. The menu is wonderful, trust me, if been there enough times. The entrance cannot be missed for there is an elegant marble sign trimmed in gold welcoming anyone, even those that have difficultly enjoying such taste. [MB2, 6/7/2000]

We at Turner White Communications - adore this place. The ambiance, the service and food are esquisite. [MAB, 1/3/2001]

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Created December 1, 1999
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