Restaurant Lourdas Greek Taverna

Station Ave.
Bryn Mawr, PA
Phone: (610) -

Bryn Mawr welcomes this store front taverna right by the Bryn Mawr train station, smack in the middle of Bankers Row. Endowed with about a dozen small tables, a BYOB, serves classic well prepared Greek dishes.

We are told that the owners are native mainliners, of greek ancestry and this is their first such venture.

The place has started with white linens and has just a slight bit of "mainline"-ness about it (as witnessed by the guy who sneaks in with a crumb scraper in between courses, and refolds the napkin, if you happen to leave your table to visit the restroom). This is also reflected in the prices (Salads and appetizers range from $4 to $10, Entrees from $20 to $25).

The restaurant is only two days old and you can feel the rookie tension. We, who liked our first visit there, would strongly prescribe a "chill-pill" for a more laid back feel. Remember, this is not the first Greek place to open in this town...the Main Line Grill, now thriving mostly as a take-out hoagie-pizza-wing place, still serves the best souvlaki on the mainline. It also opened under the pretentions of providing a formal dining experience.

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Created December 28, 2000
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