Restaurant Main Line Grill

1011 Lancaster Ave.
Bryn Mawr, PA
Phone: (610) -

Recently opened Bryn Mawr eatery, located a few doors from Pizzi's Pizzeria. Tell us about it! [DK, 4/14/98]

Well, 10 days ago when we were there, we had grape leaves, sea bass, and an elaborate stuffed pork chop at this BYOB. Two days ago, the china was gone, so were the linens. A hoagie-type menu greeted us at each table, set under a glass top. Had a dissappointed looking "food critic" announce her self at the next table. I had a souvlaki with fries which came in a basket. It appears the place is in the process of (re)discovering itself. Have faith. What will save it is the strong underlying Greek influence. We could use a casual Greek place around here. Any plans for serving feta cheese omelettes on the weekends? (HINT HINT) [DK, 5/7/98]

Main Line Grill has rediscovered itself as a fast-food/take away/delivery place. But serves up really good lunch and dinner dishes, fresh pasta, and daily greek specials. [DK, 10/6/98]

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Created August 23, 1995
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