Marita's Cantina

610-12 Lancaster Ave.
Bryn Mawr, PA
Phone: (610) 527-8989

Decent Mexican food served next door to Silk Of Siam. Margaritas could be bigger and better. A little friendly message for the chefs: "dried cilantro is no substitute for the fresh kind which can be easily bought from ACME across the street". [DK]

A poor excuse for TexMex food. Take it from a Texan who loves her Mexican food, this ain't place to eat it. [LP]

Maybe the drinks could have been bigger and the food better, but some of my fondest Senior Year memories come from Marita's! Go there for the ambiance and the fun waiters/bartenders! [CA, BMC90]

Thursday nights are the best deal in town. Dollar Rolling Rocks and a pleasant crowd. Always crowded. Decent music. [DZ, 2/4/97]

Marita. How can you mess up Mexican food like that. Get in your car and try Coyote Crossing in Conshoken instead! [AG, 8/9/97]

The border burgers and border fries have been slipping, and they were the best meal that was offered. [KP & MP, 11/6/97]

I had very interesting crab cakes with a mango sauce once there. It's a reasonable place to go on a Saturday night when you get tired of Chinese and feel like a beer. [MCS, 8/15/98]

I love Marita's! I don't understand why everyone is slamming it. They have a great laid back atmosphere with some of the best staff around. Let me remind you all that Marita's IS a bar folks! You want perfection in the kitchen, hit a four star resturaunt! [Didder801, 7/23/2001]

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Created August 23, 1995
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