McCloskey McCloskey's Bar

17 Cricket Ave.
Ardmore, PA
Phone: (610) 642-9280

A nice, comfortable Irish pub located a few doors from Gillane's Tavern. There are about half a dozen tables in the dining area. Good, basic, reasonably priced food.

Pretty good food in a pub atmosphere. Try the cajun chicken, but be sure you have somehting to drink before you take a bite! Usually live music on Friday and Saturday nights. [JB, BMC96, 3/23/96]

McCloskeys pours one of the best Guiness pints on the main line. They also have a fine selection of american micro brews and imports, not to miss the beers on tap. [TD, 3/12/99]

Has the best mushroom soup in the area. [MGZ, 2/16/2001]

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Created July 12, 1995
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