McGillicuddy's Pub & Restaurant

2626 E. County Line Rd
Ardmore, PA
Phone: (610) 658-2626

A recently opened, pleasant, neighborhood place serving Italian and eclectic fare just a few doors from Carlino's. With an enticing (and courageous!) menu that offers italian (rigatoni, linguine, penne, gnocchi, and several kinds of pizza) as well as other (jerked pork, southwestern grilled chicken, carribean spicy mussels, etc.) dishes. The spicy Jamaican soup I had was just that---"spicy" with no character. The carribean jerked pork was far from anything authentic. The "southwestern" in the chicken was the rice and black beans (which had also accompanied the jerked pork!) and the chicken itself was over cooked. The server announced they had a "vegetarian sushi" appetizer among the specials. When we ordered it we were told that they had run out. All in all, a very mediocre experience.

I recently ate lunch at McGillicuddy's and I would never go back. It was a disaster. First, of all, we had a waitress who didn't seem to know much. It was her first day. I ordered a portabella mushroom veggie burger. The waitress told me that the sandwich was full of vegetables. I waited a good half hour until she brought it out and it wasn't right. It consisted only of the mushroom, no vegetables and tiny globs of goat cheese on it. She took it back and I waited another half hour and this time the owner brought it out. It had some broccoli rabe on it. It was delicious, but I wouldn't return. The previous night, they were swamped. I told them that they shouldn't be open for lunch because they obviously can't handle it. Elaine Tait wrote this incredible review, but she couldn't have eaten at this restaurant. [GK(, 8/8/96]

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Created August 23, 1995
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