Restaurant MEXI Cali California Kitchen

6 Station Ave.
Ardmore, PA
Phone: (610) 896-9303

This place used to be near Villanova. It has now found its new resting place above Peace A Pizza. Here you will find quick bite Mexican with a California touch (Burrito Wraps). Decent, and much better than the other Mexican Restaurant on the Main.

Mexicali is the best place that's come to this area in a long, long time...and thank god it moved to ardmore -- now i can walk there! they have regular hours now too. fresh, quality, honest, cheapish food. who can ask for more? the best burritos i've found in the philly area -- fresh grilled chicken, not that scary stringy stuff some places use. awesome homemade salsa too. go often -- support this great restaurant. [AH, 3/29/99]

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Created February 23, 1999
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