Restaurant Peche Mignon

861 Lancaster Ave.
Bryn Mawr, PA
Email: Phone: (610) 525-7109

What used to be a gourmet condiments store turned into a gourmet condiments and prepared foods store and has recently become "Main Line's newest indoor side walk cafe". There are five tables that can seat up to 12 people.

We walked in at noon for lunch. We were greeted with the sight of three un-cleared tables with left over food. There were SIX people behind the counter and we were the third and the fourth customer. Seemed like doomsday was approaching as we kept hearing "we're out of rye bread", "we're out of lettuce", etc. Finally, we placed our orders: Turkey Burger and Grilled Rueben. We were told that the burger would take more than 15 min. The order was changed to "Turkey tetrazinni" (the order taker had no clue it was on the menu, some one in the back yelled, "yeah it is in here!"). The tetrazinni was handed as soon as we were done paying (which took a long while!). It was literally 3 tablespooons of mush on a huge platter. The Rueben arrived another 15 min later...the mushiest, greasiest one I have ever seen. It still remains a good option for take-out lunch, though you'd be advised to order ahead by phone, if you thought it was worth the trouble. We left an hour later, less than satisfied, and a fourth un-cleared table to greet the next customer. [DK, 4/1/98]

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Created April 1, 1998
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