Restaurant The Point

880 Lancaster Ave.
Bryn Mawr, PA
Phone: (610) -

Yet another new arrival on the Bryn Mawr cafe scene (check out XandO).

Decked with millennium approaching track lighting donning turn of the century arts and crafts mica shades, there a definite warm glow to this place and is likely to become a favorite place. Also promises to offer live music, sort of a revival of an old Bryn Mawr favorite. [DK, 10/6/98]

As a Musician, I can say the staff and place in general, is one of my favorite places to play. We sound great there. Good house sound system, great stage, even dressing rooms! My wife likes it, because they serve no booze, she also, so far, likes the food. I'd like it better if they had CheeseStakes & Fries, but I'll live. I do like the Coffee. [Ted the Fiddler, 4/14/99]

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Created October 6, 1998
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