Ruby Ruby's Diner

Suburban Square
Ardmore, PA
Phone: (610) -

A plastic diner, crowded with familes with small children.

A diner that stops serving breakfast at 11 a.m. on the weekends? The service can be a bit abrasive, especially when busy. Not worth the wait. [DK]

It's a period diner in Suburban Square, standard diner fare -- burgers, sandwiches, good french fries. Free refills with all your drinks, which is really nice. Generous portions. It kind of frightened me that I had a meal there which required no eating utensiles, but all in all it was pleasant. A big plus is that their tables aren't crammed together, so you actually have some elbow room when you eat. The atmosphere is kitschy but comfortable enough -- geared towards families with children -- and it seems pretty popular with local families. It's disturbing to see pictured on the menu your typical smiling waitress in spiked heels and a short short red and white striped miniskirt. The real waitresses do have to wear the silly short candy-stripers dress, but they wear sneakers. [RS, BMC96, 4/6/96]

We go there on occasion, when we have a dessert urge. But their desserts are high-priced compared to the quality...would sure prefer a Friendly's to be there instead! [MCS, 8/15/98]

Ruby's is an excellent neighborhood eatery. My girlfriend and I have never had a bad meal. The prices are very reasonable, we both ate last night for under $15. The burgers are authentic as well as the rest of the menu. [MR, 9/3/99]

Rubys is a great place to meet on a friday night and any weekend but it does get crowed so you might want to go a bit early.The food is good ,but the wait to me is to long and if you have children it can get crazy.This is a place to bring a big appetite cause the food portions are rather large. You can get take out and you can order over the phone. Prices seem reasonable and you can park in the big lot across the street. [MKS, 5/7/2000]

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Created August 2, 1996
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