SanPietro Cafe San Pietro

Lancaster Ave
Ardmore, PA
Phone: (610) -

Cafe serving light meals/sandwiches located across the street from the Ardmore Theatre. Showcases live music in the evenings. [DK]

On Saturday Nights.....a 20 year old singer/piano player/singwriter named John Michael Grecia plays there. He is unbelievable. He will be moving to New York in a year and a half to pursue a singing/songwritting career and it's amazing that anyone can experience him every weekend here. He plays from 8-11. [JG. 1/29/01]

An amazing place. Bartender is a blast. Food is incredible. The homemade bread (the forbidden goodness in today's low-carb trend world) is not to be left uneaten! You feel like you left the main line and went to Italy by walking through the door. It is the most wonderful place around. And it's never really crowded so you can have a wonderful, intimate lunch or dinner. The piano music at night is quite nice too-- not intrusive on conversation. [ADM, 4/6/2001]

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Created August 2, 1996
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