Chung Sing Restaurant

210 E. Lancaster Ave.
Ardmore, PA
Phone: (610) 649-8115

A silver diner serving chinese food! Stop, admire the phenomenon, and move on. Satisfy your palate some place else. [DK]

This "diner" is not bad and at times does serve the best Chinese food in this area of the Main Line. Their wide noodle dishes are very good (Chow Fun?--I probably have this wrong). Can be erratic, however! [RBDB, 12/4/96]

This is a great place to go when you're too tired to cook. The atmosphere is completely spartan, and they should turn the telephone volume of the takeout requests down. But the food is usually good, the prices are very reasonable, and the service is nice, and you can get in & out in 30-40 minutes. [MCS, 8/15/98]

It is so inexpensive! You can get your soup, egg roll, rice and entee for a lunch special and eat for $3.95 plus tax and tip! I like the food a lot. SOmetimes a little greasy, but they will cook it any way you like (ask for low oil). Their soup is also good. One of the few places around that has decent hot and sour soup. The service is great and they recognize their regulars, asking things like, the usual?" [ADM, 4/6/2001]

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Created August 23, 1995
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