Central Tango

39 Morris Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA
Phone: (610) -

Is now open. We are pretty sure this is the same owner, out to try another formula. The surroundings are nice (it is a good location), the food decent but most people tend to regret the amount they pay for a meal here. Seems to be popular among Main Line social groups. Here is what we have said about its earlier three(!) incarnations...

Lewis & Clark Grill: Seafood is out!

The Big River Fish experiment flopped, as did earlier ventures in this spot by the same owner. I wish they would stop trying to "cash in" and start being more honest about the food. Alas, like other Main Line businesses, the tendency is towards the former. Well, if you have been there, tell us about it. [5/5/199]

The Big River Fish: Eclectic is out, seafood is in!

The owner of Central decided to change its format to seafood followed by the success of their other restaurant in Lafayette Hill.

The bar has been reduced to half (cozier, as they call it). Food seems to be more expensive. [DK]

I really liked the nautical decor. It was comfortable and homey. Was less than thrilled with the service. We both shared an appetizer of frizzled onions with garlic aoli and waited a half hour until it was brought to the table. She had a 4 cheese omelet with roasted potatoes. Also, a bowl of creamy broccoli soup, which she said was bland. I ordered snapper soup, delicious and linguini with clams, diced tomatoes, sherry and garlic. It didn't have too much flavor. The only good thing about the meal were the large portions. [GK, 2/7/98]

Recently went to Big River Fish Company for dinner and was less than excited about coming back. I do have to say their Snapper soup was excellent, however both dinners (sea bass and catfish) did not have that fresh taste of seafood we were looking for. Prices were decent and the portions were good. Would have to think twice about going there again. [JM, 2/20/98]

Central Bar & Grill: A trendy place almost attached to the Bryn Mawr train station. Serves a variety of dishes prepared with an eclectic fare. [DK]

New chef in fall 1996. It has not improved the place, which went downhill 2-3 years ago, I think. One seafood "specialty" was definitely disappointing recently, and the desserts seem a cut below what they once were. [RBDB, 3/5/97]

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Created May 5, 1999
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