Thai Pepper Restaurant

64 E. Lancaster Ave.
Ardmore, PA
Phone: (610) 642-5951

A larger BYOB Thai restaurant serving Thai and Thai-inspired cuisine. [DK]

Has good Thai food (though not as good as my favorite place in West Philly). Great for take-out too. [JS]

Thai Papper has opened a second location a few miles west in Strafford, PA. [DK, 7/1/97]

I found this place to be an extremely poor excuse for a Thai restaurant. _Very_ bland, which is the opposite of what good Thai food should be. Their pad thai, which is a staple dish in all Thai restaurants I have been to, seemed like it had been frozen and re-stir-fried... the noodles were greasy, tasteless, and falling apart. Too expensive given the low quality of food. I think they distract their patrons with their admittedly nice decor. [VK (BMC 98), 3/20/98]

Go there for lunch rather than dinner. I like their food, although the Siamese Princess has good food with a little more delicacy. Service at Thai Pepper can be very inconsistent -- went there for dinner and waited over an hour from seating before the main dish came. [MCS, 8/15/98]

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Created August 23, 1995
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