Toscana Toscana Cucina Rustica

24 N. Merion Ave.
Bryn Mawr, PA
Phone: (610) 527-7700

"Fine" dining in Bryn Mawr.

The chocolate dessert (which isn't on the menu) is absolutely wonderful. Go if only to get that dessert. Downsides: they only take American Express, and they have no handicapped parking [DK(HC'95)].

98% attitude, 2% food. What can you say about a place where the "greeting" begins with an interrogation of whether you made a reservation (for lunch and when the place is empty!) followed by a discourse on your payment options. As for food, the waitress tried to convince me that there was fresh basil on my pizza, where there wasn't even a spec. And, "Would you be having bubbly Italian mineral water with your meal today?" (READ: Have some or else!). [DK, 10/20/97]

The only word to describe it is "pretentious." They have a real attitude: they accept only Amex, they keep shoving Pellegrino bottled water at you, and if you make any eye contact with them your bill suddenly jumps by $4 per shot (maybe more now). Food pretty good, but not worth them doing a number on you. [RBDB, 9/11/98]

This is a favorite destination of ours in Bryn Mawr and continues to be! I have never had a bad meal. I always leave wanting to return ASAP and usually find the fish specials to be excellent. The chocolate dessert is to die for...!

As far as the payment options, I don't think they are being pretentious by reminding people that all they take is AMEX...I think they are trying to avoid potential embarrassment of patrons not having sufficient cash OR an AMEX (which would be far more upsetting.)

In reference to 'fizzy water'.....I have no problem telling them that Philadelphia tap water will suffice. This is apparently a current (albeit somewhat irritating) trend in the Phila restaurant scene. [AMK, 8/4/99]

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Created July 25, 1995
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