YangMing Yangming

1051 Conestoga Rd.
Bryn Mawr, PA
Phone: (610) 527-3200

A fairly large contemporary chinese restaurant. Excellent preparations of Chinese dishes with an innovative touch. For my money, I prefer Yangming's over Susanna Foo (in center city). [DK]

I agree that it compares well with Susanna Foo, which is indeed good but overpriced. (Although Yangming isn't inexpensive) [RBDB, 3/5/97]

I went to Yangming on a weekend evening, expecting something really great and gourmet after the Zagat's guide review. I was SORELY disappointed. I found the quality of the food to be no better than your average, Americanized, nonauthentic Chinese dive. I ordered a shrimp and vegetable sizzling rice soup, which I figured I would try since it sounded interesting. First, the soup was very sparse on the shrimp and vegetables, and heavy on what I discerned to be a tomato-based stock. (P.S. I know of NO Chinese soups made with tomato base, and I'm ethnic Chinese). Second, the rice was rather cold and definitely did not sizzle in the soup. The flatware and dishware were old, worn, and mismatched. Sorry, but Yangming is a big loser all around (although I have to admit they had a cute New Year's dragon in the lobby, despite the fact that Chinese New Year's had already passed). [VK (BMC 98), 3/20/98]

I've been to YangMing once. I had a noodle dish that was nothing special. I don't understand the hype. [MCS, 8/15/98]

My fiancee and I went to Yangming this past Valentine's Day thinking that we were in for something special, what with all of the hype about the place. However, the dishes looked like they were picked from the trash, and the food was nothing to write home about. Mine was lukewarm, and I saw no difference between that and takeout from a local Chinese place. We were both majorly disappointed in both the food and the ambiance. [NC, 4/10/00]

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Created August 22, 1996
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